Hong Kong’s newest destination for desserts is helmed by Chef Pâtissière, Asuka

Sweet lovers can rejoice with the launch of new Japanese-French cake shop, Kiyoka, which opens its first brick-and-mortar location at Landmark, Central this summer. Dreamed up by Kyoto-born pastry chef, Asuka, Kiyoka combines elements of classic French pâtisserie with a Japanese aesthetic and ingredients for its sumptuous line of cakes and tarts and is guaranteed to become the city’s most coveted destination for dessert hounds.

The pioneering pastry chef at the helm is Chef Asuka, a seasoned veteran who has amassed over 10 years of culinary experience in renowned pastry kitchens. After graduating from Tsuji Culinary Institute in Osaka, Chef Asuka relocated to Paris to immerse herself in the art of French pâtisserie, while developing her own idiosyncratic style and artistic flair. Since then, she has forged a path in pastry at esteemed establishments across Japan and France, including the two-Michelin-starred contemporary Japanese-French restaurant, La Cime, ranked No.8 on Asia’s 50 Best 2023 list.

At Kiyoka, Chef Asuka’s elegant style, inventive spirit and precise French-honed technique are showcased in a series of elegant confections, ranging from whimsical takes on classic desserts to seasonal fresh fruit tarts. Bearing a pleasing visual aesthetic and enticing flavor combination from the citrus-spiked Yuzu Tart to Banoffee Pie with salted caramel sauce, Chef Asuka’s refined, edible works of art are made fresh daily with only the finest ingredients, utilizing fresh Japanese eggs and premium-brand dairy products from France. Whether for an indulgent afternoon break, a group gathering or a special occasion, Kiyoka’s line of tempting tarts and pastries are soon to be the talk of the town, sure to make sweet lovers swoon.

Citrus-spiked Yuzu Tart – HK$320 (12cm), HK$480 (15cm)

Fresh Japanese citrus stars in this light and refreshing creation which employs a Japanese spin on a classic lemon tart. Rich, buttery pastry is cut through with mouth-puckering yuzu, blanketed in a layer of Italian meringue with torched peaks.

Classic Banoffee Tart – HK$300 (12cm), HK$450 (15cm)

The classic dessert gets remade with a minimalist Japanese aesthetic, featuring banana slices suspended in a vanilla custard cream, enhanced by a salty caramel sauce, a buttery pastry crust, and artfully arranged chocolate leaves for a whimsical finish.

Autumnal Nutty Chestnut Tart – HK$320 (12cm), HK$480 (15cm)

An autumnal stunner, this nutty tart combines smooth chestnut paste with mascarpone mousse, spiked with a splash of rum for a cheeky addition

Tiramisu Lava Tart – HK$320 (12cm), HK$480 (15cm)

With a jolt of coffee flavor accentuated by notes of caramelized hazelnut and almond, this nutty, caramel-laced confection toes the line between sweet and bitter, bearing textural contrast from the toasted chocolate crumble base to the silky rich filling and a cloud of fluffy cream to top it off.

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